The One Brand Every Women Should Own : #Maknisy

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. It is no news that i love fashion and a big supporter of all fashionable things made in Nigeria, that is why when i came in contact with the Maknisy brand, i was super excited. Maknisy is a brand in Nigeria that designs and makes handcrafted handbags,footwear and gift items. This one brand that can stand next to your high end designer brands and products. I paid a visit to the Maknisy factory weeks ago, met up with the owner and staff and i must say this is a brand that is second to none. There is something for every woman at the Maknisy store and the price point is just right and perfect. All the bags and shoes are made right here in Nigeria with all materials sourced from Nigeria. The finishing of the Maknisy product is perfect, and they also offer after care services to all clients. I love that a brand such as Maknisy exist in Nigeria. You can order your Maknisy bag from @maknisy on IG or call This is a brand that every lady should own. Owing one piece of Maknisy is equal to owning a Chanel bag. My favourite bags from the Maknisy collection so far is the Brown Croc Kamara handbag which is perfect for work and the classic Satchel bag which is perfect for every occasion. 



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  1. Sayiee Onitsha says:

    The bags are really pretty. 😍

    1. Thank you . xoxo

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