The Serendib Experience: Travel With Food

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. You all know i love food, i mean i love good food. I also love to travel to different parts of the world with food, what i mean is that experience new cultures and traditions with food. I recently paid a visit to an interesting restaurant in Abuja city, and friends in less than 4 hours i travelled to 4 countries using food ; Sri Lanka, China, India and some part of Asia. I and my dear friend Onyinye (who is also an influencer) ate and had an amazing time at Serendib restaurant. (This restaurant is a rooftop restaurant with a view of Abuja city. One can literally see the whole of Jabi and some other parts of the city if dining outside).

By the way i have had Nan bread from this restaurant before and their nan bread is one of the best i have ever eaten, so when it came to trying out all their other dishes i was more than ready.

We were first served some appetisers which included a vegetable salad, chips, club sandwich and some yummy dip. We were later served our main course and this included  dishes from 4 parts of the world. One of my favourite was the Tandori chicken which came in a flaming dish and garnished with vegetables.

I must confess this is probably the only restaurant i have been to where i can say customer service is over 100% , i mean the servers waited on us and paid attention to our needs. We got our food almost as soon as we ordered. I also loved the fact that the Head Chef came around to explain the meals to us and a little bit of how they were prepared. The chef also made sure we were very comfortable and okay with every single dish. He also prepared his signature cocktail for us, which by the way is the best i have ever had, i loved the cocktail so much that i ordered for another glass.

After almost 3 hours of fine dining and being spoiled silly by the Serendib team, it was time for us to go, Onyi and i took some pictures and left happy and full. I will definatly be going back. I highly recommend this restaurant. If you are having a dinner party, a very private event or you want to propose to your lady,, then serendib is the place to go. Serendib is located at No 29 Umaru Dikko Street Jabi Abuja.



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  1. Wow, I love how you love to treat yourself good, I mean that’s a major goal for me…I watch your snaps I see how you make good food you eat healthy I must say… You eat good and pamper yourself. This is how it should be… You and your friend oyinye are goals????… Reading this blog alone I’ve salivated than I can imagine ????. Thank you for this awesome post…

  2. Onyeka Okoli says:

    If there is anything I love about Abuja,its the numerous fine dining restaurants. I love the ability to travel to different countries in food. I would love to visit the restaurant.

    1. Me too. At least if we can’t visit all these countries, we can travel there with food

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