Travel Diary: 48 hours in Dubai


Hey lovelies,welcome back to my blog. I finally took a break from work and everything I have been through to spend time with myself and get myself back. I left the shores of Nigeria on Thursday for Dubai. Dubai was so good to me, I had so much fun during the short period I stayed. Food was 100% ,Hotel was 100% ,everything was on point. Well I do not have a lot of pictures to show now, but I will be going back pretty soon and I plan to explore more.  I went into the city for a bit to shop and I got a few things. I wore my #Nklassik kimono from her kimono collection, and it made me so comfortable.







I can not wait to go back. Dubai is an amazing city



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  1. Shopping in Dubai is a pleasure. I like Deira city centre mall. The big malls overwhelm me. The city centre has everything.

    You look lovely Rhoda. Love the braids and your pout! : )

    1. I know right,such a beautiful city. Thank you about my braids and pout lol❤️

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