Valentine’s Day For Singles

Valentine’s day is probably one of the worst day for singles, especially single ladies, but I am here to tell you friends that Valentines day can be the most amazing day for singles. I have decided to put together some Valentine’s day ideas for all my single friends. Always remember, there is nothing bad about being single, it’s all the hype about it, the following ideas will help you fight the hype tomorrow and enjoy yourself.

  • Eat whatever you want: You are single, so why the hell not. Go out to  fancy restaurants with some of your other single friends, order and eat whatever you want. You have no one to impress. So eat and have fun.
  • Get yourself some chocolates and flowers: You can order some chocolates and flowers to your office or home. Stay in bed after work and indulge.
  • Treat yourself to your favorite movie: What’s your favorite movie of all time. Curl up in bed, eat your chocolate, glance over your flowers and enjoy your movie.
  • Check yourself into a chic boutique hotel for the night and enjoy all the amenities and luxury. Take a bath, stay in your robe, watch TV, read a magazine and just enjoy your alone time.
  • Spa Date with yourself or your other single girlfriends
  • Plan a slumber or pajamas party with your other single friends.
  • Do whatever pleases you.

Dear friend, the only person who should have control over your life is you because no one knows you better than yourself. Therefore, you should do whatever please you, make yourself feel happy and do something you always wanted to do but never go the chance to. Whatever you do tomorrow, just make sure you don’t kill yourself over the fact that you are alone on V-Day. Valentine Day is not all about being in a relationship, it’s about love, whether it’s for someone else or yourself. So let V-day to be a bummer just because you are single this time. Just go and enjoy your life.




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  1. Yup yup!!!! Am definitely enjoying tomorrow with my sister since my girlfriends stay in Lagos.????????????

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