Veggies Shopping and Farmers Market


Hey Friends welcome back to my blog, I know I hardly post personal pictures but I have made it a resolution this month to show my face more often.

This afternoon I paid a visit to the market to shop for veggies with my friend Onyinye, she is a wellness coach and yoga guru, and we will be working together very soon on wellness and fitness. I have told her about my favorite place to shop for fresh organic veggies, so today she called me, and asked for directions to the market, I was working from home, so I had some free time. I told her to meet me up,  and I took her to the market, I was more than excited to show her one of my happy place. We bought a lot of fresh organic veggies at ridiculous affordable rate.

There was absolutely no need to makeup, I only applied my moisturizer, lip gloss,wore one of my favorite yoga pant and a tee and  I was market ready. I did not forget my shades of course.

Onyinye strikes a pose




I can not wait to show you guys what I am going to make out of these veggies!! Will post some recipes soon



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  1. This is lovely… Please I need directions to this market , my family needs this.

    1. Hello Ruth, if you reside in Abuja it is in Utako market (A big vegetable stall at the back. ask for Oga Isa)

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