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It is no news that I love Kim Kardashian, I have stated in several interviews and shows that I admire her a lot. I always get into heated arguments when I say she is an amazing business woman. A lot of people say she is just rich because she is famous, well I have some news for you, she is an amazing business woman. I may not share the same values with her, but when it comes to business, i am in love. I love business as I am a mogul in the making and anyone, especially a woman, who’s killing it deserves to be recognized. When I saw her on the cover on Forbes, I went on a hunt for the magazine.

How Kim K got discovered is debatable, but one thing is for sure, Is the fact that she’s stayed relevant for 10-15 years speaks volumes! You can only get so far with fame, the rest of your success comes from hard work, determination, and innovation.Love her or hate her, girl is makin’ money honey!

And the more time you spend complaining about it, the less time you have to try and catch up! Either way, if we’re going to learn something from the Kardashian clan, let it be the valuable lessons Kim Kardashian has taught us about business throughout the years. So here are some of the lessons I will advise you my dear friend to learn

  • There is an opportunity in every “failure“: How many times has Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan been trolled for their “failures”, seemingly bad life choices, and business deals? But they always find a way to make huge profit out of it. Remember how Kim was chastised for being photoshopped and too curvy? Well, she has since made a huge profit from promoting Waist Gang Society’s waist trainers. Or that other time when a magazine “accidentally” released nudes? She turned that experience around and “broke the internet” with her Paper Magazine spread. I say, if you got it, flaunt it! And that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did.Even little sis, Kylie has turned a seemingly bad situation into her most lucrative by admitting to lip injections and then creating her Lipkits. Now she’s launching an entire make-up line of Kylie Cosmetics. Genius. Like it or not, these girls are living proof that there are hidden opportunities inside every failure.
  • Have a voice & Make waves: Let’s face it, the reason we’re attracted to, or not attracted to, the Kardashians is because of their controversial personalities. They have shocked the world time and time again with their strong opinions and word choice.Even in today’s society where it’s easy to be drowned by the other strong voices in the industry, Kim Kardashian has come out on top speaking her truth. She’s learned to play with the big kids in business all the while doing things her way or the highway. Every step she has taken in the direction of her $51 million earnings for 2016 has been hers.

    She saw white space in the tech world and filled it with innovative Kimojis, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood video game, and her app. Another great lesson in business: learn to change with the times.Kim’s no dummy and sees the world shying away from TV and going mobile so she capitalized on it. Kudos Kim!

  • Give all your attention to your strengths: Can you imagine how much hate the Kardashians get on a daily basis? It’s amazing they’re not all living under a rock somewhere harping on their insecurities. Kim Kardashian plays off her strengths and ignores her weaknesses. People may argue it doesn’t take talent, but Kim Kardashian’s selfie game is strong, which is how she was able to sell copies of her selfie book, Selfish, and endorse the LuMee phone case. As silly as it sounds, her strength of selfies landed her deals that made her millions.

    So what are your strengths?

  • Never take yourself too seriously: Kim Kardashian isn’t one to be all business all the time. Her ability to make fun of herself made her even more money with her big booty Kimojis, “ugly crying face” phone cases, and wrapping paper. Life is fun and “money is a game” like serial entrepreneur Tony Robbins likes to say, so why not make the most of it by laughing at yourself from time to time like Kim Kardashian? It might lead to a decision that will change your business forever.

I hope you learn one or two things from Kim Kardashian today




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  1. I am not a fan of the Kardashians, never have been and this is not a moral pitch, I am simply indifferent. However, the lessons in this post are awesome! So many things to draw from. Turning a “failure” around to your advantage instead of sobbing in a corner is definitely one of them. Love this!

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