Weekend Update: Bloggers Brunch


Hello lovelies, welcome to my blog. I can not believe August is almost over, I mean the ember months are here already and before you know it, its 2017. I am so excited for September to be here as my birthday is September 27th, I really can not believe I will be turning 26, I am excited for this new age and all the exciting roles and responsibilities that will come with it.

My weekend has been amazing so far, I attended  a bloggers brunch/event on Friday organized by The Blogger Point and also went on an outreach yesterday organized by my non-profit organization (GHIEF). Todays post is going to be all about the brunch. This bloggers brunch was my first bloggers event ever, I had way too much fun and met amazing creative minds. It rained all day, but to my surprise every blogger that registered for the event came for it.




The brunch started 1:30pm and ended 4:30pm.The dress code for the brunch was floral, I am not a floral person but I made it work. I wore a floral and fringe maxi dress. I got lovely compliments. Every other blogger looked so lovely and beautiful.




The venue was also lovely and Zen. Everyone was so friendly and nice, bloggers/youtubers shared their stories, challenges, success stories  etc. We also had loads to eat and drink (My cake company CakeTown sponsored the event with some yummy cupcakes), we played some games and danced to cool music.



Towards the end of the brunch, the organizers of the brunch (TheBloggerPoint) gave out awards to some deserving bloggers. They also gave out customized goody bag to every blogger that came for the brunch. I can not wait to show you guys everything in my goody bag, will probably do that in my next post. I left the brunch super inspired and challenged. Loads of collaborations coming up soon. Watch this space people.




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