Where To Sleep, Eat, Visit This Holiday: Part 3

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I am happy to bring to you my 3rd and final post on where to eat, sleep and visit this holiday season. I have had the best time putting together these lists, and i hope you guys loved every single of them.

      TO SLEEP

     FRASER SUITES ABUJAThis place has my heart and soul, i was there earlier this month, and i had the best staycation ever. If you are coming into Abuja for the holiday, or you just want to go somewhere new and fun this season, check out Fraser suite. If you haven’t read my review about this luxury hospitality brand, click here for my full review http://www.adohrspeaks.com/fraser-staycation-the-luxury-experience/


FRASER SUITE GAZIBO & DINING HALLAs i said earlier, fraser has my heart and soul. Fraser suite makes the best breakfast in the world, or at least that i have ever had. If you are looking for a place to eat this holiday season, Fraser suite is your best bet. You can have the breakfast or dinner buffet with your friends or family, or better still if you are staying at the hotel, you can have breakfast in your room, just like i did through out my stay.


ACROPOLIS Yes we have Acropolis right here in Abuja city, this is one place everyone needs to visit this holiday season. The acropolis park is the perfect place to have all your holiday events, parties, picnics etc. The Acropolis park is built to perfection and in very similar resemblance to the ancient acropolis in Greece, hence the name Acropolis. Acropolis park is located at Apo, Abuja.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, i am so grateful & thankful for you.



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