Why You Need To Watch Beyoncé Visual Album (LEMONADE)


So Beyoncé blessed the world with yet another amazing album, and I must say this is her best album till date. As a lover of art, music, poetry, and spoken words this album blew my mind.  I sat in my chair for 3hours because just watching it once was not enough.

The full visual album is a modern masterpiece. A lot has already been written about the first half being about Jay-Z cheating on Bey. Not gonna lie – it’s vitriolic and the videos that accompany the lyrics make it difficult to find an alternative interpretation. But if all people got out of this masterpiece is that Jayz cheated. Then I suggest and highly recommend they watch it again. This is an album every woman can relate to. This album takes us into Bey’s personal journey  through the generations that came before her. It’s in the lyrics and it’s in the panning landscapes, the hairstyles, and the cast. This album is about love, forgiveness, true love, black love, breaking cycles,freedom, confidence,the struggles, journeys, and triumphs of African-American women. Bey  also brings more awareness to the #BlackLivesMatter movement in this album


It’s so beautifully filmed. Each of the 12 tracks are a totally different vibe! I cried in some parts and laughed so hard in others. I danced, I meditated…. How many actual movies make you feel this way these days.

Lets talk about the costumes, OMG ! I love the African attires so much and it made me feel so proud to be an African/Nigerian woman. I loved all the body art and paintings too. Beyoncé let’s us in to see a whole new side of her and I legit feel blessed. She literally helped me love myself more.


My 6 Favorite bits:

  1. Serena Williams twerking in the fourth track, Sorry.
  2. When the camera pans to mothers holding portraits of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin – three of the young men whose deaths fueled the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
  3. Bey dancing along the street happily smashing car windows with a baseball bat asking what’s worse between “looking jealous or looking crazy?”
  4. Jay-Z kissing Bey’s ankles while she’s singing a song that is so emotionally-charged that she’s crying out.
  5. Bey rapping/yelling “Suck my balls!
  6. Bey yelling ” you aint married to an average bitch boy……”



Go find this visual album and watch if you haven’t seen it.  THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR

Beyonce’s Lemonade = the apex of Queen Bey slaying.




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