Women who hate other women


Isn’t it about time women stopped undermining each other. Why are “Women Still Reluctant to Help Each Other”. There is more hate among women than men, the level of jealousy and envy is becoming ridiculous.

According to an article I found online, which I totally agree with, here are several reasons women treat each other badly

  • Women treating other women badly “has long played out between women at work, in friendships, and throughout their lives,” according to Joan Rosenberg, a psychologist and co-author of “Mean Girls, Meaner Women.” Rosenberg believes this bad behavior women display towards each other is “embedded in women, psychologically, culturally and socially.”
  • We still live in a male-dominated society, so women feel like they are competing for a smaller piece of the pie….
  • Women are still new to the mentoring game; whereas men have been mentoring other men for generations. Many women have never been mentored or provided mentoring to others.
  • Many women are too busy to help each other.
  • Women are not taught appropriate methods to handle their anger, so they take it out on other women.
  • Many women are used to competing against only other women for the best grades in school as well as competing against other women in sports. This makes them more comfortable competing against women than men, and thus, makes other women their main targets.
  • Many women have yet to realize that business and climbing the career ladder should be thought of as a game, with pretty distinct rules.
  • Most women lack a career development plan. Having a clear plan in place with the specific steps to be taken to achieve your career aspirations keeps you focused on yourself, and not worried about others.
  • Most women don’t even know what they want, so when they see a fellow woman progressing they start hating.
  • Women are inherently jealous, competitive, and sometimes insecure.


My advice:

  • Stop thinking of other women as your enemies and begin thinking of them as your closest allies.
  • Create your very own career development plan.
  • Find your purpose and pursue your own dreams
  • Get busy and stay busy that way you won’t have time to hate another woman
  • Teach another woman how to create her career development plan.
  • Reach out to other women you believe have great career potential and mentor or women that are successful in their field and ask them for mentorship
  • If you are currently in a situation of “fake-friendship” or hate and unnecessary critic from another woman, know this IT’S HER PROBLEM, NOT YOURS. It’s not your fault. Just ignore and keep being your awesome self.





2 Replies to “Women who hate other women”

  1. This is so true. As women, we should stop making other women our enemies because in truth we’re enemies to ourselves and not other women. Hating a woman who is already successful won’t stop her success but will hinders yours the hater. God will help us. Amen! Great post adohr.

  2. ABAH IKWUE says:

    Wonderful initiative, after all women are the worst haters of themselves. Cheers.

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