Watch what you say. Things can and will take root and can cause a negative effect on you.

Yes, life can be hard but you have to stay positive in spite of whatever it is you are dealing with and one of the most important things you need to watch out for, are the words you spew out of your mouth. Yes, you will have negative thoughts, you will experience plenty of why me moments, why is this happening to me, why isn’t this happening for me, why is this taking so long, why am I going through this. We all have those moments, but we can’t live there. We have to learn to block out any negativity quickly and not verbalize it.

You cannot consistently speak negatively yet expect your situation(s) to change. Use your words wisely and if need be make a list of positive affirmations to get you on the right track.

We all want to live better. We all want a great life, but our negative words can trap us and keep us stuck right where we are. Change your words, change your life.

3 Replies to “WORDS HAVE POWER”

  1. Thanks. ADOHRs
    This really inspired me. I love it. Thanks very much

  2. Amazingly, I get these devotional newsletters daily and what was talked about today is WORDS. I think we just never understand that what we speak is what we get. WORDS have power and that’s why words like “I love you” ain’t just about the feeling but it gives a commitment. Well done Adohr, keep speaking!

  3. So true! Words are indeed powerful. We shld also counter negative words spoken against us. We shldnt jst keep quiet. Even if the speaker is someone we can’t talk back at. We should still quietly say something under our breath to counter it..

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