You Can Still Accomplish A lot In Two Months

Hello friends, welcome to a new month. I have missed you all so much. Can you believe we are in November, i mean this year is literally over. My heart skipped several beats last week when i saw Christmas Decoration in the malls, i was like  i am not ready for this, my heart can not take it yet.

Friends i know we have less than 60 days to go in 2016, but you can still accomplish a whole lot, i mean a lot. Do not be discouraged. Here’s a list of things you can still accomplish before the end of 2016.

  • Get Healthy: I’m sure this is still on a lot of people’s minds at this time. If you watched my snap last week, i said “lose weight” wont be a new year resolution because i must lose all the weight before the end of this year, i am going into 2017 sexier, slimmer and healthier. I have been working out at Laguru Health Club (Best Gym in the world) So friends there is still time to do yoga,run, exercise at home etc.
  • Read That Book: If you’re a bookworm like me, your list must be as big as mine. I have at least 6 books I want to finish before the end of the year, and it’s not looking good. God please help me.  In a world where cellphones sleep with you, it’s time to establish boundaries and get back to those good ol’ books. I am now reading 3 chapters a day, no more excuses.
  • Tell them you love them: Tell someone everyday “I love you” it can be your parents, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your colleague at work, anyone who matters. If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to tell i love you, get on with it.
  • Take That Trip: It might seem impossible, but i will advise that you make it possible, make the most out of your weekends, holiday to visit a new city. I am currently planning a little getaway for myself before the year is over, you can join me.
  • Try Something New: Yes i know we have less than 60 days but you can still take that french class, learn how to swim or bake, go hiking or try taking a yoga class. Really friend whatever you want to do before the year is over, take that leap of faith and do it.
  • Ask For What You Want: Depending on where you are in your career, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s a corporate job, a creative field, or blogging, take that step, and demand your worth. Don’t shy away from asking for something if you think you deserve it.

Whats on your to do list of 2016 that you haven’t done? I’d love to know



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  1. Loved reading this.

    1. Thank you for reading. xoxo

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