5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, as you all know turned a year older 3 weeks ago and i am currently loving this new age and new responsibilities, however i have been doing a lot thinking, and i really wish i could tell my younger self some things, i am so grateful for growth, wisdom and all i have achieved now but here are 5 major things i really wish i could tell my younger self.Fail & Fail Fast: The number one thing i wish i could tell my younger self is that she should never be afraid to fail and that its okay to fail. I remember when i was in secondary school, i wanted to be perfect in every single subject, i wanted to be perfect in my craft, skills etc only if i knew then that we strive for perfection everyday and that failure is an essential part to greatness. As soon as i turned 21 i decided and told myself “Rhoda it is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to fail, but please fail and fail fast”.

Your Peace Of Mind Should Be Number One Priority: If i could tell my younger self anything it would be to surround herself with good people, and also guard her heart so much from negativity. Growing up, i opened my heart to so many people and i got so hurt in the process, i gave everyone i met a benefit of a doubt and also gave excuses for their bad behaviour, and that affected my peace of mind, i know better now  and that’s why i guard my heart so jealously.

You Are So Stunning : Growing up, i hated how i looked, i hated that i had full lips, thick thighs, fully developed breasts etc,it wasn’t until i turned 21 before i stayed appreciating my looks and uniqueness, self love and self appreciation has become a thing i practice everyday, i will definitely want to go back and tell the 18year old Rhoda, that she is stunning. Break The Rules Early & Put Yourself First : I really wish i could go back in time and break every single rule i am trying so hard to break now, if i had broken so many rules in the beginning i know would have gone very further than this. I also wish i put myself first, my needs, my dreams, my purpose, my goals first. I wish i made me a priority very early enough, i have no regrets because i believe everything happens for a reason and that it is never too late, but if i see my younger self now, i will tell her to break the rules fast.

Your Dreams Are Valid: I have always being a big dreamer, with big ambitions and a great purpose, although growing up i was surrounded by a lot of people and persons that did not get my dreams, i will always try to make them understand where i was coming from or headed, but not anymore, adulthood has taught me that my dreams are very valid and that i can dream as big as i want and i do not have to explain my purpose to anyone.

If you know then, what you know now , what will you do differently and what will you tell your younger self.



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  1. Rhodnut, your first 2 points are definitely mine as well, Fail and fail very very fast, that is sooo true. I wish i knew to guard my heart and put my peace of mind as my number one priority earlier in life… but its never too late, only 4 years ago did I truly understand the scripture that says guard your heart….after a lot of heart ache and headache, but oh will I have a lot to teach my kids… I’m so at peace in my life now, its amazing.

    1. Thank you for reading and i am so proud of you and how far you have some my friend. Continue to thrive . xoxo

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