The Take Over Generation

It is amazing and refreshing to see young people coming together to make a change and a difference in the world. TOG (Take Over Generation) Is one of the group of young people making the world a better place. Take Over Generation is a fellowship that thrives on the word of God, bringing different people from different churches/fellowship to fellowship in one accord in God’s presence. Take Over Generation also helps in mentoring young individuals and helping them understand their life assignment and purpose. One of the strategy of this young group is to spread the message of love and peace across every sector:

  • TOG music
  • TOG media
  • TOG radio
  • TOG humanitarian affairs
  • TOG foundation


If you reside in Kwara state, Nigeria then you must not miss the TOG second anniversary which take place on the 15th of October 2016, It is going to be a day of celebration and impartation. Do no miss it! To learn more about this amazing group or to become a member, contact them on Facebook : TOG NATION

Let us make a difference this week. Happy Sunday friends




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