Black Items Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, if you have been following me for a while, you may have noticed that my feed and style has changed a lot . I am now more into blacks, whites and lot of neutral and minimal colours.

I have been collecting alot of black pieces lately and i have been asking myself why i waited so long before getting on the black wagon. I have come to discover that a every female needs the following black fashion piece in her closet.

  • A Small Black Purse: If you do not own a black purse as a lady, then you need to get one as soon as possible. Black purses are so easy to carry around and can go with any and every colour. I love small black purses because i can switch from going out with friends to a dinner date. I also like the idea of small black purses, because it also helps me go out with just what i need.
  • A Black Blazer: You can never go wrong with a black blazer, my black blazer has been through it all with me , i love that i can throw on my blazer on almost anything from jeans, a dress or even tailored pants for that extra bossy look.
  • A Black Dress: You can not go wrong with a black dress, every single woman needs at least one black dress of every occasion in her closet. A little black dress, a long fitted dress, a cocktail dress, a maxi black dress. Black dress are in now and with any pop of colour you are good to go .
  • Black Pumps: A closet is not complete without a pair of black shoes/pump and do not let anyone tell you that you should not buy another pair of black shoes, you can never have enough black shoes.
  • Black Accessories : Black accessories are so important and they can take your outfit from 0-100. Every female needs a pair of black sunglasses, black studs or drop earrings .
  • Black Lingerie: There’s nothing sexier than a lingerie,i love lingeries so much and i collect them. Black lingeries are everything and can be worn with anything.
  • Black Pjs & Robes: Robes and Pjs are my go to outfits,i love robes so much that i have lost count of how many i own. Nothing however beats my love for black robes ,i am obsessed with them and you should too. They make every woman feel sexy.

What are some of your favourite black pieces and what other most have black item do you think should be on the list, comment below.



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