Set Yourself Apart

Who are my? What do i do? Why should anyone care? What difference are my making? Why should anyone patronise me?  What makes me unique? What makes me stand out? Dear friends, ask yourselves these questions, and answer them. These are the same questions i asked myself when i started my journey, i still ask […]

My Personal Bad Habits

As everyone does, and will always have, I have a little list of bad habits. Some bad habits are good for my well being and keeps me sane and I am trying so hard to improve on others. So here are my personal bad habits: I am very indecisive: Ask all my friends and my sister, they will tell you […]

Work & Chill

I know I do a lot, running several businesses, running a non-profit and also a lifestyle blog..pheew but one thing I know is that I am totally in love with everything I do. I go to bed everyday feeling fulfilled and happy. My career paths has brought me so many blessings I didn’t even ask for. I get to meet so […]