Work & Chill

I know I do a lot, running several businesses, running a non-profit and also a lifestyle blog..pheew but one thing I know is that I am totally in love with everything I do. I go to bed everyday feeling fulfilled and happy. My career paths has brought me so many blessings I didn’t even ask for. I get to meet so […]

The Take Over Generation

It is amazing and refreshing to see young people coming together to make a change and a difference in the world. TOG (Take Over Generation) Is one of the group of young people making the world a better place. Take Over Generation is a fellowship that thrives on the word of God, bringing different people from […]

Networking The Right Way

I used to think attending networking events was the best way to network. What better way to rub elbows with successful people in your industry  than by attending the same events?! It’s good in theory, but here’s what really happens: You end up fighting for people’s attention. You put on a “show” to win them over in […]

When Life Tells You No

My book on my journey so far in life will be released sometime in 2017, I am so excited about the release of this book, because everyone gets to read and draw inspiration from my story and journey so far.  Part of the chapters in this book, will focus on all the times life has told me […]

New Week

Happy New Week friends,I totally need a vacation and a break soon,this month has been so draining both physically and emotionally so far.It has really been a test of my faith.  It has been a month of losing loved ones,tears,trying to heal,trying to move on etc! This month has also brought me closer to God. […]