Greek Salad With A Twist & Dressing

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. What have you all been up to ? As for me I have been up to a lot including perfecting my Greek salad recipe. I love Greek salad so much mainly because it super healthy, super colorful and I can eat all my favorite veggies in one bowl. I make the […]

Vegetable Bulgur Wheat Stir-fry

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. This healthy living/vegan life is amazing, I mean I had no idea what bulgur wheat was, and how good it tasted. I have literally eaten bulgur wheat everyday for dinner in every single style. My favorite way of making bulgur wheat is the stir-fry method. It is super […]

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Going on a vegan diet has been an amazing journey, I mean I have lost over 6 pounds since I started. I decided to go on a vegan diet with my dear friend and fellow foodie Lola, we both love food and we are both good cooks, so we decided to try out vegan meals […]

Grandma’s Puff-Puff Recipe

Puff-puff is a very popular Nigerian snack. It is the same thing as beignet in French. Growing up, my grandma made this for I and my sister each time we visited. As a child, I would often watch in amazement how my grandma would grab the puff mixture with the tip of her fingers place it in the palm of their […]