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Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Its been an amazing October so far, loads of work though but still amazing, i am grateful. Some weeks back i sat down & interviewed with one of the best and most amazing photographer of my time Michael Iloba. I can’t wait to see what he will be in 10years (probably a G.O.A.T : Greatest of all time) .I call him Cho, but if you ever see him anywhere in town call him Michael.  I have known Michael since 2000, so yea we have been friends for 17years. I mean 17years (inserts shocked face)…time has gone by so fast but i am so proud of how far we have both come. Today’s post is all about Michael and his journey. I have watched him grow into this creative human who captures and preserves every moment with just a click. Michael is a fashion photographer who has worked with several fashion brands  & personalities here in Nigeria and America. He also has a deep passion for interior and architecture photography. (PS, You guys, Michael is the best architectural photographer i know). We focused more on what he is majorly known for in this interview (fashion).

I asked him all kinds of questions from how he started, to things on his bucket list. I wont lie, interviewing Michael was so weird and i think it is because we are friends, but i was very professional. I got to know him a little more and i had so many Aha moments. My respect for Michael and his craft tripled after this interview. Of course this interview was conducted over tea. 

Lets get to know the amazing photographer Michael Iloba a little more shall we….

Adohr: Tell my readers a little bit about yourself

Cho: My name is Michael Iloba, a fashion photographer based in Nigeria & Los Angeles.

Adohr: Your brand was once known as Mickey Chocho, where did that name come from and why photography?

Cho: My cousins called me Mickeychocho and at the initial stage of my career i picked the name to  represent my brand as the amateur photographer i was *lol*, but after i acquired more knowledge, hence established, i rebranded to Michael Iloba. I fell in love with photography when i was in University (my 3rd year). Overtime i took more interest in photography than Economics.

Adohr: When did you take it professional?

Cho: Photography became more than a hobby for me when i began investing my time and energy, buying equipments. Knowing this was going to be my career path, money had to be made.

Adohr: Whats your photography niche, and what are some of the brands you will want to work with?

Cho: Fashion photography, and i will love with work with Dior, Vogue magazine, L’officiel amongst other great fashion brands.

Adohr: You studied Economics for your first degree, and now have a masters in photography from New York Film Academy, how were you able to convince your parents about your passion for photography.

Cho: My parents have always been supportive. It did not take as much convincing because they had already seen the effort and passion i put into photography. So, when the time came to make the big move to get my masters degree, they stood behind me all the way.

Adohr: What are your thoughts about fashion photography in Nigeria?

Cho:  Fashion photography has come a long way in the past few years in Nigeria and is still growing. Fashion photographers should be more intentional in their work and try to produce unique styles that speak volume, because most photographers aren’t original and don’t see that as a problem.

Adohr: What is your advice to anyone that wants to go into photography?

Cho: Photography is a beautiful industry to be a part of. The relationships you form, the places it takes you to and the work you get to create, such an amazing experience. The question to ask yourself is “Why”, because people come to the realisation that it probably isn’t something they want to do when the toll of being a full time working photographer hits them.

Adohr: Cho, speaking about trend, i feel like a lot of people just come into this photography thing for the money or just for people to call them a photographer, what are your thoughts?

Cho: Time will tell. I feel like “photography” has reached its peak and is slowly coming down to the point where individuals who’ve had and still have the wrong intentions as regards being a practical photographer will jump ship due to the lack of consistency.


Adohr: What is your biggest fear..

Cho: Not being able to practice photography as i would want to

Adohr: What is the one thing people do not know about you

Cho: I can sleep in one position without moving or turning at all

Adohr: Name 3 things on your bucket lsit

Cho: Go skydiving, Going to Iceland next year… (he couldnt think of a 3rd one)

Adohr: What moment has been the most amazing moment so far for you in your career

Cho: I have had some amazing moments in my career. Assisting on the set of the Universal recording studio in Hollywood shooting Grammy award winner Gregory Porter was an experience. Also, being in the same space where Frank Sinatra amongst other artists have recorded in, is an experience i won’t be forgetting soon.

Adohr: Whats one final advice you will give anyone in your field right now

Cho: Enjoy what you do.

Here are some of Michael’s work.

I had the best time interviewing my dear friend, we may collaborate soon (excited), so stay tuned guys. If you are a designer, interior decorator or you need someone to take pictures of your architectural work then you need to contact Michael as soon as possible.

Instagram @michaeliloba


Phone: +1(818) 357-8350 ,+234(0)7060742699

Michael Iloba is here to take over the world, and i couldnt be more proud of him.



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