Getting Ready For Bed : Harmattan Edition

“This is not the weather for shower, opt for the bucket and bowl option, add a few drops of oil and lock in moisture”- Adohr

Hey guys welcome back to my blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR. The harmattan season is fully here and it happens to be my worst season, i dislike this season because it makes my skin super dry, itchy and i have sore throat issues every other day.  As you know in my previous posts, its obvious that i have become a skincare junkie and i can not even remember the last time i wore makeup. The obsession over my skin has made me very careful of what i put on my skin, what i eat, exposure to sunlight etc . 

I always like to wakeup feeling super refreshed and hydrated especially in this season. I switched up my night time skincare routine some weeks ago and i wake up hydrated every morning.


In the shower i use my current favourite exfoliating polish “kush organics” to exfoliate my body only, it can be used for the face but i have other facial products recommended by my aesthetician . I also opt for a bucket and bowl option in the shower as i love to add a few drop of ssshhh lingerie body oil to my water (this way i keep moisture locked in, and i am not left dry when i get out of the shower).

As soon as i get out of the shower, i apply more rose hip body oil and get into my silk robe asap, i mean i do not leave anything to chance in this season.

For my face: I wash my face with acne out facial wash, pat dry, use the Peach and Lily toner to remove dirts and any residue of oil and then go on to apply a little bit of Dr Barbara Strum mask ( i use this mask twice in a week) , i love this mask so much because it doesn’t leave my skin dry or dehydrated.

I peel off the mask after 20 minutes and rinse my face with warm water, for my hydration, i wear the peach and lily facial mask and leave on for 15 more minutes.

After the facial mask is absorbed, i apply my Acne Out pimple cream on some affected areas on my face. On days where i do not apply the mask i exfoliate with the Dr Barbara Sturm facial scrub, rinse off and wash face with the Acne Out facial wash, apply the peach and lily toner, apply Acne out hydrating cream on face, use the unitone reveal serum 4 on my face and atoderm intensive balm on my knee and elbow and finish off my skincare routine with a lip balm.

My main aim of my night routine is hydration and moisture. I also drink a lot of tea before i sleep.

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What is your current Night time routine , please share below



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  1. Mercy Familusi says:

    I am also team bowl and bucket for the season…it’s so apt! I add some drops of the natural Nigerian bath, body and massage oil in my bucket of water. I suck with my night time routine but whenever I do, it’s basically for hydration and moisture as well. Enjoyed the post ??

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

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