How I Deal With My PMS

If  you follow me on my personal snap chat account, you can testify to my PMS rant and tantrums. I mean going through PMS is probably worst than my actual period. There were days I’d wake up super angry, and some days I’d feel like doing anything. My other symptoms: Headaches, bloating, breast tenderness, anxiety and messed up sleeping patterns. I have had to live with all these symptoms at least once a week in every month. Towards the end of last year, I decided to do some research on PMS and ways to deal with it. I discovered that my PMS is worst because of stress and toxins.  I also discovered that sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and lack of exercise all contribute to worsening PMS.

After all my findings and research, I finally found ways to deal with my PMS and reduce the symptoms drastically. Here’s how I now deal with PMS

  • I workout more often: Working out has helped me a lot especially with my mood swings, bloating and constant fatigue during my PMS week. I feel lighter, happier and healthier. I also practice a lot of yoga which also helps.
  • Eliminate Sugar completely: I can not stress this enough, stay off sugar completely. Sugar Is bad. I do not even take sugar, but during my PMS, I omit even fruits with high sugar content. Sugar can really disrupt the healthy insulin levels in your body and mess up with your hormones. To keep my hormones balanced, I eat more vegetables and fiber.
  • Cut out any form of dairy: I am lactose intolerant, so any intake of any diary product is like embarking on a suicide mission, as I will be bloated for days. It even get worst when I am going through PMS. Ever since I cut out all forms of dairy from my diet, I have seen tremendous results. I get less bloated when PMSing.
  • Take more vitamins: I hate taking drugs, but I have embraced taking my vitamins and supplements daily, and this has really helped me  cope with PMS.
  • Address Stress: So days before my PMS, I ensure I am stress free, I get a massage, take regular hot bath at night, drink more calming tea and increase my meditation and deep breathing practice.

My PMS Symptoms will always be there, but I feel better these days and now see PMS as one of those things and not as a death sentence.

Now I’d like to hear from you friends. Do you suffer from PMS, if you do, how do you treat your symptoms.

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  1. Hey boo????

  2. I drink more warm water during this period and try to consciously forget about the symptoms.
    I also ensure to take warm bath all through.

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