How To Stay Healthy And Fit During The Holidays


It’s that time of year, the make or break time of your healthy lifestyle, I call it the “the persecution time” of healthy living . Staying healthy during the holiday season can seem like a huge unobtainable goal. At this time of the year, your calendar becomes bombarded with holiday events. Whether you’re attending an event being hosted by friends, families or being hosted by you yourself, your nutrition and exercise regime may become very wayward.

With such a hectic and quite possibly erratic schedule, you ask, “How am I suppose to fit exercise and healthy eating in such a festive season, just how? Although it is a tradition to be  a little bit unhealthy during the holiday, but I can assure you that by adjusting a few things in your daily life this season you will be able to maintain an 80% healthy lifestyle.

So i asked my dear friend and partner (Chiemelie) who is a pro in this health and fitness field and also the founder of TheFitMovement (@thefitmovement) some questions on how to stay healthy and fit during the holidays

-I asked “why is it important to stay healthy and fit during the holidays”

Reply: Stay healthy and fit during the holiday so you do not start off the year by losing all the weight gained.

-I asked for some tips on staying healthy and fit

Reply: 1) Have off days for yourself, days you can actually work out and eat something healthy

2) Always go for the healthier option. For example, have green salad instead of potato salad, have fruits instead of chocolate.

3) Before going to a party or any event,fuel your body with some healthy nuts or fruits (you will be less tempted to eat any unhealthy appetizer when you get to the event)

4) Do not pile food on your plate, portion control is very important. Do not become a stuffed turkey because of greed

5) Drink clean, more water, avoid too much liquor and stay off beer completely.

I also asked ” What are the most have basic equipment for peeps that are travelling, what should they have in their bag”

Reply: Jump ropes, yoga mat,running shoes (these are the most important basics)

I hope these tips help you stay healthy and fit this season. Holiday season is no excuse to be lazy. Stay focused on your workout routine and eating regimen. You can have a journal for everything you eat in a day,write it down,it will help you stay on track. But please by all means have fun this season,but keep your eyes on your health goals.

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Remember friends “Health is Wealth”

Happy Holidays



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