I Never Knew I Needed : 2 Skincare Product Discoveries

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Thank you for the love on my last post.

Today it is all about skincare. I am a skincare lover and I always looking for products that takes my skin from 0 to 1000. I recently discovered that I was getting darker some weeks ago and my skin looked so dull and worn out. My mum even asked me why I looks so stressed and aged (Jesus I could not believe she called me aged). I knew It was time to switch things up.

I started looking for skincare stores in Abuja and also products for dull skin. I came across the body shop store here in Abuja and I walked straight in it.

I wanted to get their complete vitamin C set, but they were out of stock. So I got 2 of their products : The vitamin C glow-revealing liquid peel and the skin defence multi-protection lotion

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel: I love anything with Vitamin C in it and getting this product was just so timely as my skin needed to be revealed, guys it felt like my real skin was buried under so much stress and sun. I used this product 3 times in a week and I saw results in the first week. I could tell that it was working.

I was going to get a chemical peel to speed up the process but that would have required me staying indoors for 2 weeks and I didn’t have the time for that. This product was just perfect as it has done the work of a mild chemical peel and restored my skin back to normal.

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion : I have been searching for a great sunscreen that leaves no white cast on the face, guys I finally found the one. This sunscreen also protects your skin daily against indoor and outdoor pollution, also serves as an antioxidant and fights against dullness. I mean what more can a girl ask for in a product. Guys, it is also vegan, suitable for sensitive skin (that I clearly have) and non – comedogenic. I couldn’t believe all the goodies in this product till I tried it and started seeing results.

My skin got clearer, there was no white cast on my face, and it didn’t leave my face oily or greasy. It is one of my current favourite skincare. The mere fact that it protects my skin from pollution just made me fall In love with it so much. If there is any skincare product you have to get out of these 2, it has to be this.

Have you tried any of this product or any body shop product, or what are some bomb, mind-blowing skincare you think I should try. Leave a comment below



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