Life Update: Cannabis,Wellness,Suitors,Work…..& More

Hello guys welcome back to my blog. If this is your first time reading my post, thank you so much for going the AdohrSpeaks family, if this isn’t your first time, thank you for coming back.

2018 has been such a great year so far and i am so excited that the holiday is almost here. This year has majorly been all about work, projects, spending time with people i love and putting myself first. If you have been following me, you’d know by now that i am obsessed with CBD oil, one of the best thing to happen to me this year. CBD oil is gotten from the cannabis plant, but it is without with THC, so i do not get high from taking the CBD oil. CBD oil can be consumed by adults, children and even pets. I have been taking CBD oil for the past 2 months now and my health has changed for the better. I sleep better,meditate better, no more bad menstrual cramps and overall great health.

Work has taken over my life as i oversee almost 7-8 projects every week, i do not even know how i find the time to breathe, but i am so grateful for all the opportunities i get and the life i have right now, but on the other hand my mum thinks it is time for me to get married, i hear this every night and morning and i am honestly tired of the marriage speech and sermon, in her own words “Rhoda when will you bring us a suitor” (who even says suitors lool) , i always say when the time is right, it will happen, but for now i am very happy with my personal life.

Right now i am looking forward to one of my most important event yet. My company SistersNetwork has organised an event for 25-30 business women and entrepreneurs  (November 10th 2018) with Kiki Osinbajo (many people see her as the Vice-President daughter, but she is a young CEO with over 3 companies to her name). I am so excited about the event and i can not wait to meet so many amazing female Entrepreneurs and women.

In the coming weeks, i will be sharing a lot christmas and holiday related posts, so get ready for the AdohrSpeaks holiday posts.

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