Matchy Matchy In Exquisite

Growing up as a young girl, I hated matchy matchy (sets) outfits ,I think I hated it so much because my mum always dressed me in it when I was younger and at my biggest weight, as soon as I could dress myself in my teenage years, I threw out all matchy sets. As at 2 weeks ago, I was not still a fan of this trend. I however came across a new Nigerian brand called Exquisite (a luxury fashion brand for women) and I was sold. The first day I went for my fittings at exquisite I could not believe my eyes when I saw how good I looked in a matchy matchy set. I told the CEO of this prestigious brand I never ever wear this, but this makes me look so good” .

I guess exquisite has that magic touch because I confidently wore my exquisite outfit to a blogcation hang out with some of my blogger besties. Everyone  said I looked so good, sexy and confident in it.

Thank you Exquisite for making me feel so beautiful and confident again, I will definitely be buying more sets and in different colors .

To order or for further enquires contact Exquisite brand on Instagram @exquisite_ng or visit Shop 365africa,cappador mall No. 85 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama, Abuja.



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  1. This is soo nice

  2. You look amazing!


    1. Thank you. xoxo

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