Meet The Queen Of Beauty, Fitness & Wellness

If you know me well, then you know that wellness and fitness is a big part of my life. My love for wellness though can not be compared to that of my dear friend Onyinye Ugwueke who is literally the queen of Beauty, Fitness & Wellness.She is the CEO/MD of O LIFESTYLE (A beauty/wellness company).  She is just a bundle of positivity, and she’s probably the best yoga instructor in Abuja city. I met up with her recently at her place and I had the best time. She was such as an amazing host as she treated me to probably the best  tea I have ever had. We talked about everything from how she combines beauty,fitness and wellness and also about her lifestyle company. O yea we also talked about our love for candles and teas.







My discussion with Onyinye Ugwueke of OLifestyle

Adohr: How did you get into fitness?

Onyinye: I have always been a fitness person, I participated in a lot of sports in my school days. Fitness has always been a part of me. I loved running with my sister when I was younger and I saw the effect that running/keeping fit had on my body, running made me look so good and toned. Since then I decided to make fitness a habit and a lifestyle.

Adohr: What is the difference between fitness and wellness.

Onyinye: Fitness is physical strength, physical energy. Wellness is holistic, wellness is from the inside of your being. Wellness is also about your environment, how you interact with people, how you feel on the inside. Fitness is the outside and wellness is all about the inner being and more and I am into both.

Adohr: How did you get into beauty and what is the connection between beauty and wellness.

Onyinye: Right from childhood, I have always been interested in beauty. Growing up I explored a lot with makeup and I saw the different sides of me and the different ways makeup made me look. I then discovered that minimal makeup made me look so natural and beautiful. I have also come to understand that we are suppose to wear makeup to enhance our features and natural beauty not to change our look. But then I discovered that a lot of people wear makeup to conceal a lot of emptiness and pain and this is where wellness comes into play. Makeup should only be a compliment of how you feel inside, because you can never feel pure beauty if you are not well inside. No amount of makeup can make you feel beautiful

Adohr: Let us talk about your company O Lifestyle, what is O Lifestyle about

Onyinye: O Lifestyle represents my life, and it represents the part of me that I want to share to as many that wants to receive it. It is the marriage of beauty, fitness and wellness.  I am managing and giving them as a service to the world. We have a process of service at O Lifestyle.

  • Client must admit that he/she needs help
  • Then we start by helping the client find herself/himself back. This can be through meditation (We use meditation first because we have to start the treatment from the inside).

Adohr: Okay let us talk about meditation, what is meditation itself ?

Onyinye: Meditation is a state of relaxation, where you do not think about anything or do anything. Meditation is done in an extreme quiet environment. While meditating, the only thing that should be going on is breathing. Your breath is the most important thing. Your breath is yourself. Breathing is the first step into meditation. When meditating, you have to be self-centered and focus all your attention on you, just you and your breathing.

Adohr: Why is Meditation important ?

Onyinye: It is very important because it helps you connect with your inner self. You can evaluate your life through meditation. You can find peace. You get to know yourself better.

Adohr: What were you doing before wellness?

Onyinye: I was an air hostess. I loved flying so much. I got to make connection with so many people and I saw the world very differently.

Adohr: Are you accessible/affordable ?

Onyinye: I am, I love what I do and for me it is not about the money, it is about the feedback from my clients that counts. It is about how they feel after going through the entire process.

Adohr: Describe the process in details and what are your sessions like.

Onyinye: It starts with talk, mediation comes next and then yoga and relaxation. For the relaxation we have several recipes and teas that helps calms our clients from the inside out. As we progress, the beauty comes in. I will then teach you how to apply makeup on yourself an enhance your already beautiful features. I have a package called soul connect. Soul connect is for friends, couple or a family. It is a day of wellness. It is basically where a group (friends, family,couple) come together in a positive energy to have an experience of relaxation of the body and mind through our yoga/meditation,bath/massage, tea, make over and a luxurious drive to a fine healthy restaurant.

Adohr: Let us talk about detoxing and why is it important.

Onyinye: Detoxing is general cleanse of the body, cleansing of the whole system. It is important  because it helps us get of rid of toxic waste from our body. For me I detox every morning with a cup of hot water and lemon.

Adohr: Let us talk about your morning routine.

Onyinye:  Wake up, pray, brush my teeth then I detox with tea or with my lemon water, then I rush to get my water (3 glass of water), go to the toilet to ease myself, I drink another glass of water containing vitamin C, then I stretch (yoga), meditate. I take some minutes to reflect and also plan my day, then I take my shower and make my breakfast.

Adohr: Do you have any special wellness recipe, you will want to share.

Onyinye: Yes I do, it Is called ” The O lifestyle recipe for a better morning”. It Is the last thing you take before going to bed.


  • Tumeric (pinch)
  • Lemon juice (juice from half a lemon)
  • Green tea

Method: Add your lemon juice and turmeric into your cup of freshly prepared green tea, stir and drink. Drink before bed.

Adohr: How can you be reached

Onyinye: My contact details are :

  •  Instagram: @ , @onyinye_u_
  • +2348098780819

Adohr: Any final message for the world

Onyinye : Make sure everyone you speak to in the morning vibes the way you vibe, and always surround yourself with positive energy.

I had the best time with Onyinye, watch this space friends for the official launch of O Lifestyle and all the upcoming wellness event from O Lifestyle.




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