Meet Trainer Tosin & His Take On A Healthy Lifestyle During The Holidays

I have been training with Trainer Tosin at Laguru Health Club for almost 2 months now and I must say I am seeing results. O did I tell you guys that I am the squat champion of Laguru Health Club, o yea I won the squat category at the last Laguru Bragging Right challenge, and thanks to training Tosin for pushing me so hard. Winning the squat category felt so good, after I had lost the plank category to my friend and yoga instructor Onyinye. If you follow me on snapchat, then you already know how in love I am with working out and Trainer Tosin is my fitness savior.

We all know that December is the most fattening month ever, I mean everyone I know gains a little bit of weight in December. I know it is so hard to resist all the temptation and good food that comes with all the festivities and December events, that is why I reached out to the best trainer in the world to explain how one can maintain a very healthy lifestyle this holiday season. Here is my interview I had with my trainer.

Adohrspeaks: Tell me a little bit about your self.

Trainer Tosin: My name is Oluwatosin Olawuyi. I am  a fitness and nutritional advisor. I have a degree in fitness management, diet and nutritional advice which I obtained from Store Bridge college UK and I also have training knowledge from star trac and Red Cross.

Adohrspeaks: When and why did you go into fitness?

Trainer Tosin: I went into fitness about 12 years ago and I am into fitness because I love to put smile on the faces of people. I love to help people achieve their goals when It come to their health & fitness. I love doing what I am doing and I am so passionate about it. You will not know how passionate I am about this job until you see me in action.

Adohrspeaks: Trainer Tosin, you have been a trainer at Laguru for some months now, why do you think Laguru Health Club is the ideal place to work out.

Trainer Tosin: I think and know that Laguru Health Club is the ideal place to workout now and even in years to come because we the workers at this prestigious gym work as a team and make it a priority to satisfy our customers and see them achieve their individual goals and have their desired body structure.

Adohrspeaks: We all know the holiday is almost here, and this is the period of gaining weight, can you give us 5 tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday.

Trainer Tosin: (1)Eating in the right proportion, that is not over eating (2) Drinking plenty of water, at least a litre or more in a day  (3) Try to always take a walk, even if you will not get involved in heavy exercises (4) Dancing (5) Playing different games to keep one busy

Adohrspeaks: Trainer Tosin can you give us 5 light equipment that one can travel with during this holiday season

Trainer Tosin: (1) Skipping rope (Recommended for those without knee, heart or back problem) (2) 1.5 or 2 kg dumbbell (3) Push up stand (4) Elastic Band for Pilates (Resistant band) (5) Ankle weight.

Adohrspeaks: We all know that every ones new year resolution is to always lose weight  and stay healthy, however this resolution is never followed through, what is the number one reason for this and what is the solution.

Trainer Tosin: Insufficient self discipline, not being consistent in working out. To avoid breaking the new year resolution, people should try to put their heart more into what they want to achieve and create a constant routine for workout.

Adohrspeaks: You are also a personal trainer, how can you be contacted for training.

Trainer Tosin: You can contact me in the office. LAGURU HEALTH CLUB @ OJIMADE NWAEZE HOUSE, P.O.W Mafemi crescent off Solomon lar way Abuja. Instagram: @t_fit16  Contact No: 08060286848.

Wishing you and yours a healthy holiday.






10 Replies to “Meet Trainer Tosin & His Take On A Healthy Lifestyle During The Holidays”

  1. wow wow. I’m definitely going to follow the tips.☺

  2. Really nice post. Ever since I can remember, I always had the problem of procrastinating my weight loss goal. By God’s grace, this year, I stayed and still stay as motivated as ever. Hopefully I don’t break, this Christmas.

    1. Yaaay!! Way to go Anulika, that’s amazing. I hope you don’t break too.

  3. He sure seems to know his stuff. Here’s hoping for a healthier 2017!

    1. Yea he does!! He is the best!! xoxo

  4. That eating in moderation tip is a mighty big challenge but we will try. Lol

    1. Lol you can do it trust me!! xoxo

  5. Tamarasinla_xo says:

    I so need to workout

  6. Monica Apochi (@_moneeka_) says:

    Congrats on winning! I am so following this tips, I always blow up and gain so much weight during the holidays.

    1. Awwww, just follow the tips, and I believe you will be fine.

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