My Fitness Journey With Laguru Health Club

If you know me well, then you know that i am all about a healthy and fit lifestyle. However in the last few months i have not been obeying the rules of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I gained weight, become so sluggish and could not fit into any of my clothes (which still makes me so upset). I am definitely not going into 2017 with this weight. All thanks to Laguru Health Club i am back to my healthy lifestyle.


laguruIf you watch my snapchat you will that I am in love with Laguru Health Club already, this is probably the best gym in the whole of Abuja, and I am not saying this because I want to lose weight and all, I am saying I have never seen  a gym such as this. Laguru health club offers the best gym and wellness services. I am currently working out with my trainer Mr Tosin (He is a no nonsense trainer, but i believe he will get me back in shape in no time).  Laguru Health Club has state of the art equipment, locker room for male and female (shower included, fabric dryer, hair dryer, towels of all sizes, full length mirror etc) free WiFi, 24/7 power supply, experienced trainers and customized classes for every client. I love the fact that I can work out in the morning, take a shower and go to work or workout at night, take a steaming hot shower and go hang out with my friends or just go home and sleep. Really everything about this place is perfect.


They offer different classes every month and on some days, one of my best class is the yoga class (6pm every Monday), there is also dance class, spin class, aerobics classes, insanity etc. Laguru also offers boot camps, competition and outdoor work out such as hiking, swimming etc from time to time. Next outdoor event will take place on the 29th of October, so if you reside in Abuja city, do not miss this for the world. I started my journey with this amazing place some weeks ago and I can not wait to share this journey with you guys. I can not wait to be at my goal weight, get super fit and toned.  Expect more post on my fitness journey with Laguru every other week.

To become a member/register contact: 08170356569 or visit Ojimadu Nwaeze House, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Off Solomon Law Way Utako, FCT-Abuja. Laguru is opens 6am(Mondays -Saturdays) and 1pm on Sundays. Every registered member has full access to all equipment and facilities, meal plans, access to the sauna and discounted spa treatments. Follow Laguru Health Club on Instagram @laguru_fitness and follow me on snapchat @missadohr1 for all my fitness update with Laguru.



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  1. You got me at free wifi! Anywhere with free wifi I’m in! ????
    It looks really good as well – might just sign up when I get back.

    Great post hun!

    1. lol i now spend more hours at the gym because of free wifi. You should sign up and i can get you a discounted price, just let me know when.

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