My Holiday Bucket List

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I am so excited and thrilled for this season as it is one of my favourite season in the year. This year i have created a bucket list that i would love to fulfil. I have never created a holiday bucket list before and i decided to create one now, only because i want to end 2018 on a high and fulfilling note.

Holiday Bucket List

Host A Christmas Pj Party: I have always had end of the year parties for my friends and other bloggers, but i have never done a themed holiday party, so i am hoping i am able to pull off a Pj themed holiday party this year. I picked this theme because i want every to feel super comfortable and cozy at the same time.

Send Gift Out To All My Friends: OMG, getting christmas gifts for all my friends and special people in my life has been a hassle since forever. Everyone has a very strong personality and it has been so hard to find gifts that will match and fit everyones personality perfectly, so i am hoping i am able to pull this off without any hitch. Amen

Watch Christmas Movies For A Whole Day : This may be the hardest yet as every single minute in my life has become so precious, time is now my most prized possession, so spending a whole day just watching movies seems like a joke to me, but i want to do it. I think it will be an amazing experience, as i can not remember the last time i watched a Christmas movie from beginning to the end, talk less of a whole day.

Volunteer For Another Non-Profit Organisation: This may also be very challenging, as i also run my own organisation, but i will really love to volunteer and do some good for another amazing organisation making a difference in the world. Dear readers, if you have the opportunity please make sure to make a difference int he lives of others this holiday season.

Try Out Some New Interesting Recipes: This particular one i am looking forward to and very excited about, if you  know me, you know i love to cook. I am looking forward to doing this and also sharing the recipe with everyone.

What is on your holiday bucket list, share with me in the comment section.



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