My Pre-Christmas Breakfast With Girlfriends At Cafe De Vie


Hello friends, welcome to a new month. Can you believe it is December already, I woke up this morning super excited and grateful for life , grateful for my friends, grateful for my family. It is going to be my best month yet. I am so happy.

Some days ago I and 3 of my amazing friends had the best pre-Christmas breakfast ever. I mean everyone has been in the Christmas spirit since November,so it was very appropriate to have a pre-Christmas breakfast in November. yjp_2552

Café de vie is probably one of the best café in Abuja, it is literally the most amazing café I have ever been to, the first time I ever visited (Was referred by a friend) I was in café heaven. Café de vie has all the right vibes and energy I need, soft music, dim lights, candles burning, art work everywhere, the best teas in the world and very friendly staff. I have also never met anyone as nice as the owner of the café. Victoria will make you feel as comfortable and warm as possible, she literally welcomes everyone into the café, and if you are visiting for the first time, just be ready to be spoiled. I told some of my friends about this café and the breakfast idea came up. So myself, Onyinye (CEO of , Chika (CEO of Chn Designs), Imke (Chef and lifestyle lover) came all dressed and dolled up for breakfast. We were dressed in Chn design and our hair from BFY hair.

We were first entertained to some Christmas music and light cafe de vie snack before the main breakfast. I and onyi had some citrus tea (addicted tea lovers) and miniature pancakes with cottage cheese filling and some dip, others had coffee, pancakes and some omelette with yogurt filling. I sipped a bit of the coffee (although not a coffee fan)and it was also amazing (they make the best coffee in Abuja).










After the light snacks, our full breakfast came out of the kitchen, you should have seen how my face lit up at the sight of good food.









We had the best time, and i can not wait for all the events, dinners, party that this month is about to bring. Cafe de vie is located at 11,Adzope Crescent, off Kumasi Crescent, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2. Abuja.

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First Outfit: Chn_design

Red Dress: Mango

Hair: BFY Hair

Phototogrphy : Gottay



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  1. My first time here was for an art exhibition; lovely place.

    Next time I visited, my card refused to work, the guy who served me told me I could bring the money later. Huh?! In this Nigeria? With a stranger? Well, I took the money two days later or so. Been meaning to go back. It’s very homely and somewhat rustic.

    1. I know right!! it Is an amazing place. I love that they always trust Nigerians to bring their money back.

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