Ozidu House: My Staycation Experience

Ozidu house, where history & culture meets hospitality. I had the best time and the most amazing staycation experience yet. 2017 has been an amazing and incredible year so far, but its been a lot of work and embarking on several projects. My body begged for a break, my legs,back, eyes and every single part of my body asked me to take a break. My staycation at the Ozidu house could not have come at a better time as i was already tempted to check myself into any random hotel and turn off my phone for some days. My first visit to the Ozidu House left me speechless, i didn’t even know of its existence, i mean i kept asking myself if i was in Nigeria. First of all it looks like a regular house as it has no signage or advert board.  When i got to the reception, i was welcomed warmly by the manager and the receptionist. I met some other staff and they also greeted me warmly.

The manager then went on to tell me all about the Ozidu house and its history, he then told the receptionist to take me round the house, and show me all the historical art works and maps. As i walked from one corner of the house to another, i kept asking myself if i was in abuja city. One of my favourite part of the house was the money wall; a wall that showed all the forms of currency we have ever used in nigeria including slaves currency, biafra currency , west African currency etc.  I also loved all the maps in the house that showed the history of Nigeria and the history of the British colonial rule.

The receptionist also showed me the business lounge which i fell in love with immediately, i mean every single part of the house is covered with some form or art work or an african wooden work. Even the bed cover has an african sheet .

I was also taken to the pent house which happens to be the biggest room in the Ozidu house, i mean it is so big that it comes with 2 sitting areas, 2 balcony with views to die for. The receptionist then told me that i will be staying in the pent house throughout my staycation, friends i couldn’t even hid my joy, i was just so happy. The view from the pent house balcony made me fall in love with nature more. The most beautifull Abuja view. If you know me, you will know that i am all about vibes, energy and nature. The view was just the perfect thing my mind needed. In all honesty the Ozidu House is perfection.

Through out my  staycation/mini holiday, i was treated to a cup of tea and breakfast every morning.

I was pampered and given everything i asked for, i spent most of my time watching nature, reading a book or taking pictures, i also learnt more about the maps and art work in the house.

I was able to sleep, meditate a lot, think and plan. My friend Femi who is a photographer came by to drop some pictures from a previous project and i used the opportunity to take some pictures.

In the evening i watched the sun set, took in fresh air and enjoyed wine. I also read some books i got from the business lounge library.

I had the best staycation yet and i can not wait to go back. Ozidu House is located at No 24, Osun Crescent, Maitama. Ozidu house is known for its privacy,exclusivity, celebration or art, culture and history.

If you are coming into Abuja and you looking for a place to stay for a while i strongly recommend the Ozidu House.  I am currenly looking forward to the private viewing and exhibition of art works at the ozidu house, will roll out more information soon.




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  1. Ahhh, All hail the QUEEN of enjoyment wow I thought this was Abroad until I saw No24 maitama osun crescent this is Nigeria… Thanknyou for always bringing out the awesomeness in our country.. This is great between you look amazing in all the pictures your Body must be used to saying a BIg thank you to you Everyday lol. You’re amazing keep it up????????

  2. Onyeka Okoli says:

    I love this place already. You can still enjoy nature and quietness in Abuja. I love the fact you can enjoy nature, history, leisure together.

    1. Exactly, it is such an amazing place.

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