Running: My new addiction


Running is no doubt my newest addiction and  my best type of cardio and it is one of the best exercise you can do for your entire body. It’s great for blood circulation, strengthening your muscles, and heart health. However, like many things in life, just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it’s easy (like choosing a salad over pizza…healthy, yes; easy, no way). I had always found running intimidating until I learned how to run the proper way and make it fun. Call me a health freak, but now I get a little thrill out of lacing up my sneakers and stepping outside for a long run. So here are some of my tips on how to love running.

  • Know the right form.

If you’re not a runner, running won’t be easy at first. And it definitely won’t be easy if you don’t learn how to run properly. If you aren’t used to exercising much at all, you should build up a base level of fitness before starting to run. Start by going on walks or hikes, and increase the distance until you feel comfortable walking at a brisk pace for 30-60 minutes. Biking or going on the treadmill at the gym are also great ways to get your body in shape before trying out running.

  • Don’t start off too big.

If you’ve never run before and you try going for 3 miles your first time, you’re not going to have fun (and you will probably be in some pain the next day). As with all things, take baby steps. If you need to run for a minute then walk for a minute when beginning, do what your body is comfortable with. Start off slow, and work your way up to longer distances and faster speeds.

  • Get good music.

To me, a good running playlist is everything. If you like to workout to music, creating a running playing might make all the difference between hating running and loving it. I choose upbeat songs because they motivate me and actually make me feel like I’m having a little workout party. Sounds strange, but with a good playlist you might feel the same way!

  • Good running shoes

For your run to be effective you need to have a good pair of running shoes, this will enable you to run faster and better and also avoid getting sores or injury.

  • Work-out clothes

You can’t run in a skirt or wrapper or some fat loose trouser, as a lady you can’t run in a regular bra also. You need to get leggings/yoga pants/shorts, work out tanks and a good sport bra (ladies) this will keep your body in good form when running. You don’t want things bouncing around unnecessarily while running.

  • Take it outside.

I find that running outside makes it easier for me to lose track of time and get distracted by things around me, therefore making my run go by faster. Running outside will give you things to look at and hopefully help you not to focus on how long you’ve been running or how hard it might feel.

  • Run with a friend

Personally I run faster when I run with friend/friends, it keeps me motivated and it is more fun.  I love running/racing with guys too… especially when they don’t have their shirts on *winks*. So you can have a run date with your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or a family member.

  •  Know the benefits.

I’ve now come to realize that I didn’t truly learn to like running until I fully understood the good it was doing for my entire body. Running pumps blood throughout your body and brain, gets your heart rate up, releases endorphins, helps you sweat out toxins, and builds strong leg and abdominal muscles. Once I understood that running did all those things for my body, I began to love sweating it out regularly.

 While I do believe running is an excellent exercise and one that I’ve learned to love, every person is different. I have my days when the last thing I want to do is hit the pavement, so I skip or  do yoga instead. If you find that running isn’t for you, try out a few other work-out and see what you like best. Walking is also an easy and great way to get moving during the day. As long as you’re finding a way to make your lifestyle active and healthy, you’re good to go.


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