Skincare Must Have : Dr Barbara Sturm + DermaRx Signature

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, if you read my previous post, you must have read about my current skincare routine and how i am so obsessed with skincare lately.

30 is no longer far away and that is why i must invest In my skin now, i literally threw out all shitty skincare product and embraced natural/organic products and listened carefully to my Aesthetician  who is also the CEO of Dermar Rx Signature. Dermar Rx deals with everything and anything skin, they offer services such as Cosmelan Peel, Chemical Peel, Diamond Microdermabrasion, Vacuum Mesotherapy, Signature Facials and so much more. They also stock several luxury skincare brand of which one of them is the amazing Dr Barbara Sturm skin care line  and also offer Dr Barbara Strum facials. I was recently sent a box of Barbara Strum goodies to try out and i must say my skin has never been happier and more beautiful.The active ingredients in  Dr Barbara Sturm molecular cosmetics is Purslane,a  fountain of youth active ingredient that promotes the anti-acing enzyme telomerase in our cells and makes Dr Barbara Sturm Skincare line unique.

Dr. Sturm skincare regime focuses on rejuvenation, protection of skin matrix and barrier function, anti-acing and cell regeneration. It is suitable for every skin type, including skin prone to allergy and hyper-sensitivity. I was sent the perfect PR package (The travel/discovery set) as you all know i am a grab and go girl and always on the move, so having a luxury skincare brand i can also throw into my bag and always have handy is the best thing for me at the moment.

The discovery/travel set includes :

Face Cream: Dr Sturm describes her face cream as an intensive spa for your cells. I have been using the face cream for days now and my skin feels super silky, soft and always hydrated.Face Mask: This is one of my favourite from the line as it is deeply hydrating, tightening and gives extra moisture and smoothness. It is the perfect mask for my skin in current weather

Anti-Aging Body Cream: This is one of the best moisturiser i have every used. It is a rich cream that leaves my body feeling velvety smooth and supple.Facial Scrub: I love the Sturm facial scrub because it super gentle on my skin and removes dirts and dry dead cell without harm or irritation.

Hyaluronic Acid: This is also one of my favourite, it gives my skin an instant hydrating treatment and life. It is the best thing to use before travelling and after sun and wind exposure.

Eye Cream: Say bye to swelling, bags, dark shadows and circle with the Dr. Sturm eye cream, it is super effective and yields result almost immediately.

Get all the Dr Barbara Sturm from Derma Rx Signature. Follow @dermasignature on social media or check out their website

Stay tuned for my Sturm facial review .



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