Adohrspeaks Valentine GiveAway

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Valentine’s day is just some hours away. In the spirit of love and sharing I have decided to convert my February giveaway to a Valentine giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will be receiving the following: The valentine box from Browniescakerie 8inch red velvet Cake from CakeTown Body […]

Valentine Favorites (Mango Valentine Collection)

Photographer: Gottay Photography Makeup: FaithAdamsMakeup Jewelry: Pandora Hey friends, as we all know we are in the love season. Valentine’s Day is just hours away. Mango has the best outfits, designs and accessories  for this season, from jumpsuits, dresses, flowing gowns, bags, shoes  etc,name it they have it. I was in awe when I walked into a Mango  store […]

Be Single & Fly This Valentine

  Photographer: @GottayPhotography Dress: Mango (Valentine collection) Jewelry: Pandora (Valentine Collection) Makeup: FaithAdamsMakeup Valentine’s Day is approaching,love is in the air,love and romantic songs playing on every radio stations,stuffed animals and love balloons everywhere you turn,but there is just one thing.  You are SINGLE again. Instead of the pity party , sadness,moody mood and choking […]