The Era Of New Cuisine : Chef Emeka X Adohr

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. I know it has been a minute since i had a food related post but i am so excited to introduce one of my favourite chef and highly recommended restaurant in Abuja city. I have been a big fan of Chef Emeka’s style of cooking (from the moment i tried out his food at one of Nordic Hotel event). Meeting him and getting to hear his story was an amazing experience. Chef Emeka is the head chef at HelensFoodCo, a Gourmet food company in Abuja.Officially meeting Chef Emeka  was one thing, but watching him cook and learning a tip or two was everything. I also got to know about chef Emeka style of cooking which is known as the New Cuisine (treating old ingredients in a new way). I find it very fascinating that Chef Emeka can literally turn any ingredient especially local into a 7star dish “I like to repurpose old ingredients into something different” he says  i guess new cuisine is here to stay.Chef Emeka went on to make a simple lunch as i threw loads of questions his way. I asked him about his cooking background,challenges he faces in Nigeria as a chef, where he gets his ingredients and advice for upcoming chefs. “Rhoda ingredients are everywhere, you just have to source carefully” he replied. He told me that some of the challenges faced are not any different from challenges faced by business  in Nigeria but he has high hopes that things will get better, he also said that getting a professional  training in a culinary  school is one of the best  thing an aspiring chef can give to him/herself, as a professional training gives an aspiring chef that extra cofindence and boost as a chef.Within 15 mins Chef Emeka food was ready and i was down to eat, the dish was a very simple vegetable and salmon dish. I had the best time at Chef Emeka’s , learning a little about him and his style of cooking gave me a whole new respect for him and chefs around the world. To learn more about chef Emeka, visit his website  or his Social media @chefemeka





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