When Life Tells You No


My book on my journey so far in life will be released sometime in 2017, I am so excited about the release of this book, because everyone gets to read and draw inspiration from my story and journey so far.  Part of the chapters in this book, will focus on all the times life has told me NO and all the rejections I have faced. But let me share a little something with you friends today. I am also sharing this because I got so inspired by a speech I recently listened to, in this speech the speaker spoke about all his past failures and his current success.


Firstly, what are the kinds of NOs life can tell you: Nos can be in different forms, it can be in form of rejection, failure, being stuck in one place, no progress,  no promotion at work etc. So when you keep getting all No (s) in your life,what exactly do you do:

  1. Do not get discouraged: Being discouraged will do nothing to your situation, it will only make you sad and depressed.
  2. Ask yourself, what am I capable of: When life tells you no, ask yourself what am I  really capable of, maybe life is saying no because you are doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, or maybe because your capability lies else where.  When you know in your heart what you are capable of, do not be afraid to let everyone else know it too
  3. Always stay ready and be prepared: Always stay ready because life can decide to say yes at any time.
  4. Try to find ways to keep things in perspective: As I earlier said, do not get discouraged or dismayed, when life says no try and stay positive and grateful and always look at the bigger picture.

Always remember this

  • Failure is a prelude to success: The bad things you are going through right now is the good things that are for you to come.
  • You really can survive anything. We are all stronger than we think: Too many people have said, “I can never cope in this situation.” The truth is, you can. The human instinct is to survive, and we always do. Things can only break you if you allow them to. We forget sometimes we have a choice about how we feel. Every time I get a No in life, I feel really sad, but then I make the choice to change that and remember my capabilities.
  • Stay in the present moment and live life fully: You never know when, if, or how drastically things can change in a heartbeat. Appreciate what you have right now. I never put off things until the future anymore. Now is all we can guarantee.




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