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We live in a digital age friends,we live in an online world. Nowadays, you can do basically anything and everything online, you shop online, you make friends online and some of us even find love online! According to research, humans  spend 3 of every 12 waking minutes online. So if most people you know have an email account  and social media accounts and are checking their computers, smartphones or tablets as often as it seems, it kind of makes sense to invest and have a wedding website for your special day.  A wedding site just makes life easier for everyone and makes the journey to your special day less stressful. Here are my top 5 importance of  a Wedding site:

  1. Saves Money On Invites:  Making Invites containing all the details of the wedding for about 500 or more guest can be a little bit expensive. A site containing all your wedding details reduces cost, saves time and makes sending invites to all your guests easier. All have to do is make a simple card with a link to your site and ask your guests to visit the site for full wedding details.
  2. Change of plans? Last minute location change? New updates? : Change of plans and trying to notify everyone about new updates can be very hectic, but with a wedding site, your guests will be notified and informed on time. Without a site, you will have to call your guests one after the other and this will add more pressure, waste time, money and effort.
  3. No one has the time to deal with guests calling on the day of the wedding asking for directions or trying to clarify location. With a wedding site, you can have detailed direction and location.
  4. Connect with your guests and share your story: Let your guests into your lives, let them learn more about you as individuals then as a couple. They will love to see pictures, your pre-wedding pictures etc. Share with them stories of how you met ,where you met and your journey so far. It’s also a chance for them ask questions and drop some inspiring messages and prayers. Its also a great avenue to say thank you after the wedding.  It’s truly a two-way form of communication with your guests.

For more information and more importance of a wedding site check out my most trusted wedding website agency  http://peesvillemedia.com

Here is a brief summary of what they do

  • CONSULT: They gather all the information for your wedsite and make sure that we are on the same page as you.
  • DESIGN & DEVELOP: They take your ideas, and translate it into a beautiful wedsite.
  • SUPPORT: They do not just leave you by yourself. They will be with you all the way to the big day

Check them out now and make an appointment. Let them make your wedding site as beautiful and memorable as your wedding day.

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