Why I Decided To Start An Agency

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, if you have been following me for a while you already know i started my own creative agency called AS Management Agency.

For the past 2 years i have loved and enjoyed creating opportunities for myself as a blogger and for so many other bloggers and creatives in general. I also individually played a management role in the lives of so many creatives and also held so many AdohrSpeaks event. It was just rocket science that i started my own agency and put a structure in place for so many creatives and also create mind blowing campaigns and concept for brands in Nigeria . AS Management Agency plans to become the leading digital and creative agency in Nigeria.

We currently represent some creatives and also work with several lifestyle and luxury brands in Nigeria. Our latest project is #TheCoalition coordinated by AS Management Agency and led by photographer Michael Iloba.

If you want to work with AS Management Agency as a brand or as a creative please send an email to asmngt.agency@gmail.com . I am so excited of what we have accomplished so far and i am looking forward to all the amazing collaboration and campaigns ahead.



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