Why You Should Invest In Yourself

Hello friends welcome back to my blog, guys it is the last day in November (I am literally screaming), it has been the most amazing year so far me, and I think I owe all my success this year to God and to investing in myself. This has probably been my most hardworking year, I mean I put my back and soul into all my projects this year and everything paid off. 2017 is just a month away, we all need to start planning and writing out our goals and resolutions. In today’s post, I want to share with you friend “why you should invest in yourself”.  Firstly if you are not ready to invest in yourself, then you are not ready for growth or change. There’s only one guaranteed investment in life, and that’s you.

You are the most important place you can put your time and money, and yet you are probably the one thing that tends to get neglected in life. Investing in yourself is not a selfish act. In fact, by helping make your life better, you will by default make the lives better of everyone else around you.

  • For Growth: For you to grow in your field and get to that next level you want, you have to be willing to make that investment, make that sacrifice, take that risk or next step. Do not complain when you see other people doing so well in their own field when you have refused to make an investment in yourself. You can not say I  want to be a makeup artist but you are not willing to buy any tools or makeup product, you do not want to pay for a makeup workshop (and you can afford it), you can never be the best in your field with this kind of attitude. Dear friend, hire that life coach, take that professional exam, network more, buy that gadget you need for your business, read books that will help you be better. Do not be stingy to yourself and to your purpose, if you are selfish to yourself you can never be better, you will just be basic and average.
  • You Need A Break Sometimes: Part of investment is also taking care of yourself, I learnt that the hard way this year. Truth is that no one is a superman or woman, you need to take time off work to spend on you. Eat healthy (because health is wealth, if you are sick you are pretty much helpless), workout regularly, hang our with friends, take yourself to the spa from time to time (Remember all work and no play makes Jack and Jane dull kids)
  • For Others To Invest In You.  Now, this may sound cliche, but you can’t expect for someone else to invest in you and see the value of you when you don’t even invest in yourself.  Remember, you are your biggest investment.


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  1. I loved reading this post. I had that problem but I have made plans to invest in myself, I have learnt that it makes for growth and is an easy form of achievement and it would definitely make me feel good about myself.

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